User Interface Garments (UIGs) with Chromatic Controls via Optical Fiber

Research output: Other contribution


User Interface Garments are those which can alter their properties including physical, chemical and optical upon user instruction. Apparels made of optical fibers interfaced with light source that can be controlled by the user or stimuli is desirable for several functional purposes. In this creative research work, illuminated optical fibers are used as a functional material to develop a UI clothing. Optical fibers are essentially two layered (clad and core; more layers are also possible) polymeric materials that can transmit light along the length of the fiber; the clad (that covers the core) reflects the light towards the core of the fiber so that light intensity is maintained in transmission.Different types of optical fiber-fabrics and filaments with varying diameters and illumination levels are incorporated in the presented design. The wearer can be provided with the option of changing the chromatic values for the garment. It is envisaged that this feature would allow users to wear the same garment with varied color choices to suit the ambiance.
Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - Apr 2010


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